Saturday, May 23, 2009

JP and Kallie

It has been a joy shooting weddings. As a photographer I get to observe some of the most special moments in peoples lives and what a gift. I think I even end up smiling while I'm shooting, thoroughly enjoying my job. Well, this was one of those occasions for me. JP and Kallie are such a cute couple. You can tell they deeply love and respect each other and it's beautiful to watch.
Their location was beautiful, everyone had a blast...and what a gorgeous day to get married! It was Memorial Day weekend in Dana Point, with a stop over in Laguna Beach and ending at a beautiful reception Hall in Laguna Hills. Both JP and Kallie have two brothers. There is something about a family of all boys. And those Knutsen boys are funny to watch interact and it all began with those parents of theirs! The boys ate cheeseburgers during the ceremony and even shaved their hair to match their brothers. Now that's love. Kallie's family is equally amazing and you can tell they love eachother so much. In fact one of my favorite moments was when we were shooting pictures of Kallie and her mom and they burst in to tears. I love them to pieces and it was an honor to be apart of this special day in their lives.

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