Thursday, March 20, 2008

Portrait Parties

Oooohhhh I love the Portrait Parties!!! Each of these pictures were taken at a Portrait Party. A portrait party is where someone invites 10-15 friends and I bring all of my studio equipment and set it up at their home. Each person is then allotted a certain amount of time for their photo shoot. The sitting is free, and pictures are for sale on line afterwards. It always ends up being a blast, and everyone loves the experience.

The Bellissima

I was invited by First Capitol Mortgage and Prudential California Realty to shoot their special event aboard the Bellissima in Newport Harbor, CA. It was a privilege to meet such wonderful people and of course be aboard such a beautiful yacht as the Bellissima. The Yacht is the fastest of its kind and was hand crafted in Italy. The interior was even designed by Versace himself. It was something to behold and I hope these pictures do it justice. There was a beautiful sunset that night, the perfect ending to a perfect event.

The Owens Family

The Owens are a beautiful family and long time friends. While camping at Crystal Cove, Jim and Carol managed to get their entire family together and thought what a perfect time for a family portrait. Jim and Amy came down from L.A. and Adam, Courtney, and Mac came all the way down from Oregon. It was a gorgeous day and we had the beach entirely to ourselves...well, accept for the park ranger. :)

The Beebe Family

The Beebe's are amazing people and long time friends. We took these pictures at a beautiful hidden cove in Laguna Beach. It was an overcast morning which was perfect for shooting pictures. Chrissy and Amanda were both pregnant, however, only Chrissy knew it at the time. I'm excited to watch their beautiful family grow and next time we do a family shot there will be two more Beebes! Well actually a Rausch and an Elliott, but they'll always be Beebe's to me!